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Step 1 : Clean Off Dry Stains Using Saphir Gommadin Suede Eraser Rub the stains with eraser using moderate to firm pressure for spot treating. Next, brush with the Brass Suede Brush to dust off the white powder.

Step 2 : Shampoo and Deep Clean the Suede with Saphir Omnidaim. Use the shampoo to remove stains that were still accentuated after the eraser. Pour some of the shampoo into a small container of water and use a dauber to vigorously rub the shampoo into the shoes then rinse with water.

Step 3 : Insert Newspaper and Allow to Dry Crumple newspaper and stuff the shoes to keep their shape and absorb the water.

Step 4 : Re-brush Shoes with Horn-Backed Suede Cleaning Brush Using moderate to firm pressure brush the suede to re-fluff the piles with the suede brush.

Step 5 : Condition and Renovate the Color Using Saphir Renovateur Conditioning Spray Take shoes outside and spray conditioner at a distance of about 12 inches to re-pigment the suede, then let dry for 30-45 minutes.

Step 6 : Waterproof and Protect Suede using Super Invulner Waterproofing Spray Apply spray with same application method as Step 5.