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Presidential Clean & Mirror Shine Service

Saphir India

Presidential Clean & Mirror Shine Service

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Steps we follow to restore shoe to original condition.

1- Uppers are cleaned with Saphir Renomat, Leather Soap, Cleaning Lotion or according to leather properties to take out stains,dirt mark or waxes which is laying on shoe.

2- Shoes are properly deep conditioned with Saphir Leather Lotion, Renovateur, then Saphir 1925 Crème Polish with the color matched as near as possible.

3- Buffing with horse hair brush for soft shine and buffing with Saphir cloth to take out excess color than edges and heels are also cleaned and dressed to restore their look.

4- Sole guard applied to leather soles to make them condition and waterproof. 

5- Last steps to make shoes water, oil and drink free with Saphir Protector (Water Protector) Spray

6- High Mirror Gloss toe and back with Saphir 1925 Mirror and Pate Du Luxe Wax for president look.