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Saphir Reptan Cream For Exotic Skin (50 ML)
Saphir Reptan Cream For Exotic Skin (50 ML)

Saphir India

Saphir Reptan Cream For Exotic Skin (50 ML)

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Saphir Reptan Beaute du Cur is specially formulated to provide essential nourishment and protection for exotic skins, including lizard, crocodile, and snake. Normal creams and polishes are not appropriate for these fine skins.
  • REPTAN POLISH: Saphir’s Reptan Polish is used for polishing your reptilian leathers, including snake, alligator, crocodile, and shark. It is a practical essential for keeping your apparel looking its best after each wear.
  • NATURAL FORMULA: This polish is a luxurious milk-like liquid leather lotion to clean, condition, and intensify the natural beauty of reptile leather. Take care of your exotic reptan shoes, boots, and bags.
  • EASY-TO-USE: To use this product, it comes with a soft, cotton chamois for gentle but thorough application.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Protect your unique leathers and their interesting textures without changing the color or altering any special effects applied by their finish. Imported from France, Saphir’s polish will keep your reptilian leather in its best condition.