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Saphir Sneaker Cleaner (Natural) 75 ML

Saphir India

Saphir Sneaker Cleaner (Natural) 75 ML

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Now from Saphir With this sneaker cleaner you can restore your sneaker's former glory. This cleaner has been specially developed to clean any type of sneakers, regardless its materials. Whether it is leather, suede, nu buck, fabric or synthetics, Saphir Shampoo will do the job. This bi-component product includes a lightly sol vented formula with very powerful tensio actives, as well as a foam applicator made in part of soft foam to help easily clean the reliefs and rough patches of the shoe. It also has a harder side to scrap off the dirt without damaging more delicate surfaces like nu buck or other sensitive leathers.

Instructions for use:  

  • Before use, test in a hidden area of ​​the product; 
  • Clean the surface with a dry brush;
  • Shake the cylinder, apply the product in a circular motion on the surface to be treated;
  • Rub with a damp sponge or cloth until foam forms;
  • Leave on for 3 hours until dry;