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Saphir Waterproofing Spray 250 ML

Saphir India

Saphir Waterproofing Spray 250 ML

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The waterproof spray by Saphir (250ml) protects your leather, suede and textile shoes.

The Saphir waterproofing spray comes in a 250ml can and protects your shoes against moisture, whether they are made of leather, suede or textiles. It helps your shoes to ward off the effects of inclement weather and prevents rain and snow stains. This waterproofing spray also stops dirt and dust from penetrating the leather, suede or textile. The spray works on the surface of the shoe to create an impenetrable protective barrier, which is particularly recommended for the upkeep of suede shoes. The spray mechanism makes it very easy to apply the product to large leather surfaces. This water repellent spray is ideal for us on all types of suede and smooth or hard leather, whether it be a pair of shoes or a handbag. Once dry, the Saphir waterproof spray becomes invisible, imperceptible to the touch and it won’t alter the colour of your article in the least.

Spray this product on your shoes to provide them with waterproof protection as the final step of a full leather care treatment. This spray is particularly necessary for rainy weather and can also be applied on evenings with intervals of two to four weeks to ensure that your shoes remain fully waterproofed. In a well-ventilated area, spray the product at a 20cm distance from your shoes and allow to dry for at least 30 minutes or overnight, before wearing them.