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The Saphir Natural Deep Cleaner 100 ML

Saphir India

The Saphir Natural Deep Cleaner 100 ML

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The Deep Cleaner is a unique natural product that is free from any harmful chemicals or resins. This is important since the materials used on sneakers can react strongly to certain chemicals. The Polyurethane used for the soles can for example change color when exposed to strong solvents.

This is something you can see especially on white sneakers where the soles turn yellow when exposed to strong solvents and sunlight. With the Deep Cleaner you don’t have to worry about any of this.

Use the Deep Cleaner if necessary after the Foam Cleaner. It is particularly effective with stronger stains and can even remove tar. This can be especially useful in summer when tar on the roads can mark your sneakers. These kind of stains are very difficult to remove and we are proud to provide a unique product that can cope with even the most persistent stains.

Apply it with a cloth or a brush to access harder to reach areas of the sneaker.