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TOPY Rubber Patch For Dress Shoe
TOPY Rubber Patch For Dress Shoe

Saphir India

TOPY Rubber Patch For Dress Shoe

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Mens & Ladies

DIY Rubber Sole Protector 

TOPY is the world leader manufacturer in rubber soles, heels and sheets targeted to the shoe repairers.

sent towards more than 50 countries in the world.

TOPY put a lot of efforts into developing a top quality product who suit the

consumers and fit the needs of the shoe repairers.

Thin, Reliable, Elegant, Comfortable.

Excellent resistance to abrasion

  • Buyer need to send it to us or they can get it done from shoe repair shop
  • Standard Sizes for Heel and Sole Patch 
  • Length 19CM
  • Width 12 CM